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Medical Field Training for the Emergency Tactical Unit.

Tactical Situational Awareness for Tactical Solutions.

Individual Training to Avoid Lethal Consequences in Dire Situations.

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Our Team

TEAMS is a group of highly trained Law
Enforcement and Emergency Medical
Professionals dedicated to preparing for
the “worst-case” scenario. We offer
courses for civilians, school faculty,
corporate employees, Law Enforcement
agencies, and Emergency Medical
Services. Our instructors have decades
of experience and training in Tactical
Law Enforcement and Critical Care
Medicine. TEAMS offers a variety of
courses that can be customized for your organization.

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Team Rubicon Region 6

AS2 was a HUGE success

We had an awesome AS2 class over the past two days.

We had a great time with all of the LE, Fire and Medic students at Putnam City HS in Warr Acres these past two days. We learned a lot from the class and will build on the experiences gained to make future classes even better. Turnout was excellent with a full-range of skills among the students that helped everybody learn from each other. We saw a lot of shared learning and talent on display and look forward to future training with each of you.

Thank you all for a successful, fun and HOT class experience.

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Strength & Honor!

PC - 2013.06.28

TEAMS Promo Video

PC - 2013.07.09

We can teach you the medicine you need to know for any tactical engagement.

You can learn team-first medical action needed to accomplish your objectives.

Loss of life casualties are avoidable with the latest techniques and strategies in all tactical situations.